Team Metamorphosis

The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare

Juma Ikaanga 1989 NYC Marathon winner

  Metamorphosis was founded with an intent to spread the gospel of long distance running, to help athletes achieve their true potential. Aravind aka Coach A founded Metamorphosis in 2017 & there has been no turning back after that. We operate on the premise of  mutual trust. Be it winning races or finishing prestigious races, we have been there, done that & helped loads of people realize their dreams. We believe in working on the strengths of every individual & our goal is to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. We are highly process oriented, believe in being consistent & dedicated & let the results be taken care automatically. We truly believe that there is no limit to the human potential. DREAM BIG & be willing to put in the time & effort & we shall make sure that you reach your goals in style. 

We are a team of like-minded individuals who believe in a sustainable holistic lifestyle working on personal & professional goals & not just on setting new personal bests. Be it running a 100 miler or qualifying for Boston marathon, we have been there & done that!

Coach A – Post Hong Kong 100

An accomplished runner himself with numerous marathons and 100k ultras under his belt & having trained numerous runners, Being a certified coach in Long distance running, Nutrition & Chi running, Coach A likes to play with the strengths of every individual & create a customized training plan that will suit the needs/goals of the mentees.  The premise of our coaching is mutual trust & we empower all our mentees to be self-reliant & be accountable for their individual goals. We emphasis everyone to have larger than life goals & be process-oriented & focus on staying consistent & dedicated and let the results be taken care automatically!



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