Running efficiently demands good technique, and running efficiently for 100 miles demands great technique

–  Scott Jurek

As a seasoned ultra runner , I have run beyond 100 miles & if there is one  important aspect in running , that would be your running efficiency. In this context, ChiRunning is a revolutionary approach to long distance running that focuses on 

  • Energy Preservation

  • Injury Prevention

Chi Running incorporates the principle of ancient martial art Tai-chi in running & this method will help you elevate your running to the next level. You can read more about Chi running HERE or find an instructor near you HERE.

You can find testimonials of runners who learnt chi running from me HERE.

The Workshop will cover the below aspects

  • Components of a good running form such as posture, arm swing, how to use gravity, cadence, stride length etc.

  • How to conserve energy, prevent injuries & run efficiently

  • Importance of Core Strength in Running

  • Proper Form for Hill Running

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Drills to make your running form better

The workshop  will also include a video shoot of your running form before & after the workshop. This workshop will suit all both newbies & experienced runners

Every new concept will have a theoretical explanation, practical demonstration  followed by helping the participant, understand the concept. The session will merely help you understand the principles of a good running form. The onus lies on the individual to ensure, that the principles are incorporated regularly in training 

The workshop will take about half a day/whole day based on the number of participants.

All registrations will be handled on first come first serve basis.  Follow this place to know more about upcoming workshops or you can subscribe below to know about the upcoming workshops!