Aravind Kumar AKA Coach A

I have always been an average person in life. I was an undernourished sick child, who visited the hospital more than school.  I was a chronic epilepsy patient who had to be dependent on medicines everyday to lead a normal life. I started running to vent out my frustration & today, it has become a way of life. I started running in 2011 & have run multiple races ranging from 5 kms to 100 miles & beyond.

RUNNING as a sport, has showed me how to stand apart, excel in life & at work and most importantly strive to become a better human being every day!!

I launched Metamorphosis on July 9th 2017, in an attempt to use running as a means to transform the lives of many people. I have mentees all over the globe that include speedsters who run a sub 3 marathon to people who run 100 miles. With more than 8 years of running experience, I have evolved as a Running coach in the past 2 years & have learnt so much in the process. I also believe that as much as a certification is important for a coach to maintain an unbiased approach, the role of a coach is much beyond that. As a coach, I have learnt to emphathize more & understand other points of view. I truly believe that one has to work with every individual’s strength & have a customized approach instead of a one fit all, to be successful.

For what its worth, below are my certifications

United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy  RUNNING COACH

CHI RUNNING/CHI Walking Instructor

Precision Nutrition Certified L1 Nutriton Coach 

Key Races Completed

Comrades 2014

Hong Kong 100 2016

Bhatti Lakes 100km 2015 – Winner

Finisher of Multiple 24 & 12 hr stadium Runs