Having completed multiple 12 hr & 24 hr stadium runs, winning a 100km race in the scorching heat of Delhi mines & running a 100km race in Hong Kong, climbing more than 4500 meters, training for ultramarathons have always been my strongest forte. You can read my about Comrades journey,  HERE


“I ran because overcoming the difficulties of an ultramarathon reminded me that I could overcome the difficulties of life & overcoming difficulties was life.”

– Scott Jurek



                                                 COMRADES 2014 – Finish Line


Training for ultramarathons needs a lot of commitment, discipline & dedication. Training for an gruelling 12 hr run like Comrades for more than a year, can completely change you.I have always believed that with the right discipline & commitment, anyone can run Comrades & hence the requirement for this plan is very simple

  • Trust the program & be willing to put in the required time & effort

  • Running a sub 5 marathon

The entire program is divided into three phases namely

  1. Base Building – This phase will be used to establish a solid foundation, correct running form, build cardiovascular & muscular strength & minimise risk of any injuries

  2. TRAIN TO QUALIFY –  To qualify for Comrades, one needs to run a marathon in a time of 4 hrs 50 mins or less & based on the finish time. Since Comrades is a gun to gun event, the starting corral based on your marathon finish time, makes a lot of difference for the event

  3. THE RACE  – Training for the actual event with actual race specific training plan based on goals, nutrition/hydration planning for training & the actual race

Comrades marathon completely changed my life and I sincerely hope , this event & the lead up to it will change yours too!!