As part of the Skechers Performance Chennai Marathon 2019, we partnered with the team to play the role of the official training partner for the event. You can read more about the partnership HERE

Gerald  Martin Joseph


The training plan was meticulously made and excellent feedback given on runs as well as appreciate the support on the pace plan.. Futhermore the enthusiasm of the team members made this a first class experience. I am looking forward to take part in the next SPCM training plan already ! 


Good customized training plan. Prompt helpful responses that helped me realised the mistakes that I did in training. Feel very confident about achieving my goals in 2019


After running 5 Marathons in three years. I hit the wall and running became monotonous. I didn’t have any direction but had a goal of improving by FM PB in every race by 15 minutes. There are so many plans available in the internet but I was always looking for a plan that will suit my needs. That’s when Coach A launched a customized training plan as part of SPCM’19.  

I was bit hesitant since it was 16 weeks training plan & it needed lots of discipline and commitment. I trusted the coach & dived in , the rest is history. I did not worry about the larger plan but decided to stick to the daily goals & review regularly. The plan progressed towards my goals slowly & steadily towards my goals. 16 weeks of consistent training made me disciplined, focused, understanding my body better & being conscious in my food habits. I lost a lot of weight & my level of confidence kept soaring everyday. I completely transformed in this journey & achieved my goals. I ran a 4.32 FM at SPCM, 30 minutes faster than my older PB within a span of 4 months.  



When I first started running in 2017, I used simple training plans I found on the internet or just went for Sunday Training Runs by Chennai Runners. I never thought that one day I’d have a proper running coach. Then came the time for application for Tata Mumbai Marathon (After listening to stories of TMM in Jan 2018, I was like, I can’t think about it), nevertheless, I went for same.  I knew it’s too early to run a marathon with my irregular running and within a year of starting running, but I knew once I got the confirmation for a marathon, that I needed serious help. Who else will be an ideal coach – Coach Aravind. Coach A analyzed my running pattern and customized a training plan with word of caution that, I should stick with it atlas 70-80%. It again so happened that, I could only follow about 50-60% of the plan. And when I declared an ambitious 4:30 target, fellow runners deemed it impossible. After all, the target of Debut Marathon is to finish and No Time Target.

With a training WhatsApp group and regular video call reviews set up by Coach A, it was very encouraging to see the dedication of runners training along and gave big motivation for me. I went for my long runs 25K, 28K, 32K, 36K and tapered down. According to plan, as runs got longer, it boosted confidence in me, meanwhile, I ran my PB and first sub-2 HM at SPCM with the timing of 1:54. Coach A regular inputs about pacing really helped me in keeping my clam. Race day, I tried executing the same; but last minute rush and miscalculation by targeting 4:20 led me in dilemma and got drifted away from my target and finished in 4:33. Missed by 3min but the great things, I didn’t have any cramps or did not hit the wall, thanks to the training. I would like to thank Coach A for all the guidance and mental support required to tackle the beast with ease