Running a Sub 4 marathon is a dream for all long distance runners and we run a special project titled BREAKING4 to help runners achieve their goal of running a SUB 4 marathon

Vikramadhetan Hariharan

Vikramadhetan – Speedster

When I started to train with Aravind, my goal was a sub 4 hour marathon. All my marathons since then have been sub 4 and I now have a 30k run with a sub 5 minute pace, which is something I’ve never really thought about before training. The goals he sets are set based on the capabilities, even if you dont realize yet, and the training plans are structured based on the goal. The training plans have also been flexible based on work/travel schedule.


Started running in 2015. I ran several half marathons, full marathons and few ultras till august 2017 & was prone to a lot of injuries. When I wanted to make a comeback, the only sunshine i found was training under Coach A and Team Metamorphosis. Training with a structured plan, I cracked a 1:45 HM in a few weeks. When the marathon season was done,  we worked on base building and most importantly correcting my form. Form correction made me to dream beyond sub 4 FM. The ease that i felt in running post the chi running sessions was humungous .I raced my first FM under Coach A recently and outcome (sub 4 FM) of it was rather very sweet and can be cherished for a long time. I surely believe that i would improve much more in the forth coming years accomplishing greater milestones training under him.