Vasu Venkat

        Vasu Venkat –  Marina Minnals

Really glad that I attended your Chi Running workshop in May 2018

While running the DRHM, I tried and maintained a steady cadence of about 170, I focused on stacking the body, lifting the crown, and leaning. I made sure that I lift my heels and drop the toes at ankles and tried to use the gravity for my run. I was able to run the whole distance with just water breaks in between. I achieved my personal best timing of 2.30. A good part of my PR was due to chi running and I am happy that you introduced me into this running method.

Poongundran Krishnamurthy

Poongundran Krishnamurthy – Chennai Runners

I learnt Chi running from Coach A & understood how to run efficiently by minimizing injuries & conserving energy during long distance running. Attending this workshop was a big turning point or a landmark in my running career.

Santhosh Sampath

Santhosh S – Marathoner, Bessie Flyers

Being part of Bessie flyers Coach A is very familiar to me. I have attended his Chi running workshop to learn and evaluate my running form. After running 5 Marathons in three years. I hit the wall and running became monotonous. Attending his chi running workshop, transformed the way, I run! My cadence & stride length improved significantly & I also started enjoying the process of running