Rachana Patel

Warriors are not what you think of as warriors!

For us, he is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others. Is selfless, fighting personal battles, at the same time responsible for his tribe.,uplifts them and thereby moves forward strength to strength.

I believe, people cross each other’s path for a reason and there is nothing coincidental! It’s the law of attraction they say! Cosmic energy, positive vibrations, play a vital role in this journey.

My running journey started all of a sudden and accidentally (literally), considering I was not much of a runner during my school /college days. I had been a cyclist, swimmer and into trekking, but running was something far fetched and not anywhere in the horizon.After joining NUNGAMBAKKAM Nitros(cr chapter) in March of 2014,i soon realised my capabilities and step by step pushed myself, trying to extend my limits as a runner. The year 2015 saw me win several podium positions, my strength being half marathons, and soon enough I completed my maiden full marathon at TWCM 2016.The year 2016-17. A full marathon at SCMM, added responsibilities as chapter coordinator, hand holding, volunteer and pacer at several events, personal setbacks saw me stagnate and set me back as a runner.

It called for some re-thinking, guidance, structuring and a holistic approach to get me back on track…It was then, during the Nitros Running Festival 2017, I knew that I had my mentor in Coach A.The  comfort zone, holistic approach, personal attention, and understanding, instantly got me signing up with Metamorphosis under the able guidance of Coach Aravind.

A coach is one who understands and recognizes his mentees psyche, core strengths, weaknesses and improvises on them within the given parameters and raises them to a higher level.The results over the past year, at Coimbatore marathon(2017)cool runners(2018)marina runnerz(2018) and the recently concluded SPCM(2019) are a testimony to my training under Coach A.

Believe in the process! TRUST. TRAIN.. TRANSFORM

Kumar Janardhanan

Doc Kumar – Marathoner, Chennai Runners

I started running in 2013 just to shed some pounds as my lifestyle was not healthy. Before I
knew, running became a passion and I started running long distances. After a while, I plateaued in my progress and I reached out to Aravind for advice on smart training. I started training under him and in a short while, I understood that whatever I did in the past wasn’t correct and he spent some time in pointing out the intricacies involved in training, recovery & nutrition.I am very comfortable under his  supervision and I look forward ​to get to my dream goal of a sub 5 finish

Douglas Lobo

Douglas Lobo – Ultra Runner, Triathlete

1st October 2018  – marks a year since I’ve been training under Aravind.

I started training with Aravind just after I got off a couple of injuries and wasn’t sure of where I was headed. I wanted to take a break from Triathlons due to my constant travels and wanted to shift to running. However, running had never been my strength and I wasn’t sure of how to go about my training. It was at this time that I met Aravind at an event organized by our local running chapter OMRTB.

Spoke to him casually about nutrition (my biggest pain point) and during our conversation found out that there was so much that he had to offer. Later in September when I heard about him being available to coach runners I jumped at this opportunity and I haven’t regretted a minute of it.

His willingness to listen, to understand what you want to achieve, set out structured training plans to help you through the process and then, more importantly, to guide and motivate you (kick butt if required too😊 ) to achieve your goals is something that sets him apart. While there are a dime a dozen sites that offer coaching plans, what sets Aravind apart is his investment in your success – the regular follow-ups and check-ins (he hasn’t missed a single call in a year), often being so involved in the build-up to the event that sometimes you wonder who’s the one actually taking part in the event. 

By my own standards, over this last year I have grown as a runner – while I haven’t lost much weight (Andhra meals continue to be my weakness 😊), I have much more confidence in my own ability to push the envelope and distance. A year ago, I would be wiped out by a HM, today I know I can run much more.

Coach A, thanks for your guidance and looking forward to another year of training.

Anupama Srini

Anupama – Vegan, Ultra Runner

If there is someone who knows the nuances of running as a sport, art, science, philosophy and more, it is Aravind. I have seen wholistic improvement in my fitness level and have progressed very satisfactorily in the past few months of working with him. His personalized training program tailored to the person whom he is working with which covers strength, flexibility and nutrition along with running is revised and monitored closely (every week) Aravind is very knowledgeable, has been able to address all my niggles, questions, doubts and works with me based on my current level. He invests his time and expertise into every aspect of my training and his dedication to my (the mentees) goals and well-being is treated as his very own. With so much information overload and there is need to filter out the noise and take only what works for the individual person, I trust his expertise and leave the progressive planning to him which lets me focus on training. Coach A is one of the most warm and approachable person and I am glad to have found him after years of meandering along in my running journey.

Sathish Babu

Sathish – Comrades Finisher

I started running in 2014 and I got to know about Comrades & Coach Aravind, through runners in my office. The moment, I learnt about Comrades, the seed within me was sown, to complete this race. I trusted coach & his abilities blindly and he guided me in every single aspect of training. We trained hard for 2 years and I successfully completed comrades in 2017. Coach made me realize the human mind has no limits. Whatever we believe, we achieve. Coach is my hero!!

Lakshmi Sundar

Doc Lakshmi – Vegan, Runner

My first 2 half marathons in 2016 were complete disaster with cramping at 16k and limping the last 5km. Pulled back in 2017. Started training with Aravind Kumar in September 2017. I haven’t looked back since. A good 10k in February and after many more aerobic runs started training for ADHM in right earnest. I couldn’t do all my long runs during my training because of an injury. Diet coaching with coach A in July further helped with movement since I dropped my weight by close to 9kgs before the event.

Clocked a timing of 2.49, my PB (shaving off almost 45 minutes). Could have pushed a bit. I was scared. This run taught me a lot of lessons, I have overcome my fear of cramping and I know my strength and weakness.

Thanks Coach A for everything, there is so much I have learnt from you in the past year.

Yasir Sultan

Yasir – Marathoner

Aravind is your friendly neighbourhood Coach! No high airs about himself nor does he have an intimidating approach. This makes it an absolute pleasure to run under him. Enjoyed my stint with Coach A training for the Berlin Marathon 2018. He customized plan to suit the runners potential which I thought was very comfortable to follow at the same time challenging. My running performance has had a sudden leap in improvement ever since my stint with him.  He’s always available to answer your questions & has ready solutions to any concerns that may arise. He is an avid learner himself, constantly updating himself with the latest in the field of running, nutrition & allied fields. Thank you Aravind, for being more of a Friend than a Coach to me. Looking forward to achieving more greater things with you. Cheers.

Rajapriya Sivakumar

Rajapriya – Marathoner, Corporate Professional

2018 is a year of reckoning at many levels for me

Moving to the next gear on professional and personal levels puts loads of stress on the You!

Metamorphosis helped combat that struggle and as a result helped in loads of self-belief, introspection and outside-in lens perspectives

Fitness is a superset of mind and body fitness and to really ‘ transform’ is a gradual, slow process that might not be as quick in turnarounds.

If you are willing to accept that intrinsic model, stay committed and focused, trust thy Coach, you will most definitely feel the change!

Feel it first and then show it to the world not the other way around

I was extremely apprehensive about the fact that he was a young dude, though I had lots of feedback to talk about his abilities Trust me, I haven’t seen anyone as understanding, empathetic, humble and yet the disciplinarian. He makes me think beyond horizon and break barriers through determined hard work. Takes two to tango always, so the chemistry needs to build up and you are sure to experience the results

Ramaprabhu Ramani

Ram Prabhu – Chennai Runners

I am not a big sports person and was never an athlete. Started running to improve fitness/lifestyle and have been running 10k and HMs for over a decade with little-NO improvement. Passion for running and willingness to improve was always there but lacked direction/technique. While I was looking for ways to improve I learnt about Aravind as some of my chapter runners were already training under him. Started coaching under Aravind in Feb-2018 with an objective of improving my long distance running abilities and injury free. His customised training plan focused on building a steady and sustainable endurance/ pace. He knows when to push you and when to slow you down. Chi Running training and a plan to practice the same made a huge difference for me. From struggling to finish a 10k in 90 mins I recently did a sub 60 mins 10k. My HM pace has improved to 2:14 from over 2:50 in Jan 2018. Ran SPCM 2019- 20 mile distance and completed it in 3:41:53. Also did a PB HM Timing during this run in addition to stretching the distance by 10k. One year 3 new PBs -10k pace, 21k pace and a new long distance!! Stepping into 2019 with a confident wish of improving on all 2018 PBs. Wish is mine and confidence is drawn from Coach training plan. My best wishes to Coach Aravind for creating more success stories. Good luck!