Lakshmi Sundar

Doc Lakshmi – Vegan, Runner

I have been training with coach A for the last 2 years.

A few months back, people could hear my breathing even 100 meters away, as I was doing a light jog. My first BOLT score was 9 seconds. When my coach suggested OXYGEN ADVANTAGE, I spent a lot of time reading about it & being a doctor, I understood the science behind this . I sincerely taped my mouth & practised nasal diaphragmatic breathing, reduced all the sighing & did the nose unblocking activities regularly. Within the first month, my BOLT score improved to 20 & I continued to do Breath Light to breath right exercises & my BOLT SCORE today is 34. I feel a significant difference in my effort during my long runs. OXYGEN ADVANTAGE has been a game changer for me



My goal is to run a half marathon at high altitude. We started with mouth taping and nose unblocking exercises to reduce the dysfunctional breathing patterns and slowly started high altitude training & we use a sports mask & a pulse oximeter for simulating high altitude training. After adapting to this new program, my breathing feels gentle & great. I am not worried anymore to run at an altitude of 3000m. Thank you, Coach