Humans can stay without water for 2-3 days and without food for many days but cannot stop breathing for more than 2-3 minutes. If hydration & nutrition is important, then isn’t breathing supposed to be even more critical?

  • Do you sometimes breathe through your mouth, as you go about your daily activities

  • Do you breathe through your mouth while you sleep? (If you are not sure about this, do you wake up with a dry mouth)

  • Do You Snore?

  • Can you visibly notice your breath during rest?

  • While you observe your breathing, do you see your chest moving more than your abdomen?

  • Do you regularly sigh throughout the day?

  •  Do you experience nasal congestion, dizziness or light headedness often?

                                                                                                 The Oxygen Advantage


While most of us know that nasal diaphragmatic breathing is important , most of us dont understand if we are nose-breathing or using the mouth to breath. All the symptoms listed above are signs of chronic mouth breathing issues & when has all these issues, nose-breathing during rest is a challenge & hence nose breathing during physical activity is out of question.

Imagine this scenario -If you ran along an elite athlete, there are high chances that he/she will be breathing light, effortlessly & you might be panting for breath. This feeling of breathlessness often limits our ability to go faster & farther & light breathing can be extremely advantageous to improve performance. When our breathing is really hard during activity, it does not mean that we aren’t getting enough oxygen.Our bodies already have the ability to store enough oxygen. Our performance is limited, when the body is not able to store enough Co2. Yes, you heard it right. Our bodies need enough Co2 to enable good performance


Train with a certified Oxygen advantage breathing instructor/coach (the only one in India) to take your performance to the next level

The only certified instructor in India

Some of the benefits on working on your breathing skills are

  • Reduction/Elimination of sleep apnea & snoring

  • Sleep Less & feel more rested & relaxed

  • Be more calm & reduce breathlessness

  • Increase VO2 Max

  • Improve oxygen delivery to your muscles

  • Improve your core strength

  • Delay onset of lactic acid & muscle soreness

  • Prevent gassing out too soon & reduce any panting/breathlessness

  • Simulate high altitude training

  • Retain fitness levels, when you are injured


What do I get by attending the workshop

  1. A pre-assessment of your current status to understand your current breathing abilities

  2. A 1.5 hour detailed workshop with practical demonstration of the various breathing exercises to improve your performance, sleep & focus

  3.  1 follow up session (group-based) every week for 4 weeks

  4. 4-6 weeks of post-workshop follow up, tracking progress & query management to help you work on your breathing abilities.

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