Why settle for less when you can be the best

As we get serious into training for your biggest race of the season, everyone wants to do well. All of us want to put up a great show and run a Personal Best at the next race.

So, how do we achieve this? What parameters constitute a great performance. Read on…..

Spending an hour everyday and adhering to the training schedule is the bare minimum , one can do. The concept of Pareto rule is applicable to training too. If we speak to a lot of professional athletes, most of them are likely to tell us that , what we do outside of training matters a lot more than our training itself. Anyone can train for an hour everyday but it needs a lot of commitment everyday to focus on the little things that matter every single day to stay consistent & train injury free. The 20-30 mins that we spend everyday outside of training can make a huge difference in our performance

Some of the little things that I do everyday to do better in training

1.Sleep – Sleep is so underrated and most of us really dont care about it. With a busy schedule, most of us sleep only 4-5hours everyday which can drastically reduce your performance on a daily basis. Roger Federer sleeps 12 hours a day & Eluid Kipchoge sleeps about 10+hrs a day. While its not practical for someone with a full time job to sleep 12 hours a day, its definitely possible to get 7-8 hours sleep everyday, if one plans well. Also, more rest is certainly helpful on the long run

2. Nutrition – Most people think that spending an hour everyday in some form of physical activity gives them the liberty to eat whatever they want. On the contrary, training hard needs a lot of focus on nutrition. Most people shy away from eating carbs especially those who want to lose weight but carbohydrates is probably one of the best friends for an endurance athlete. I would also recommend atleast 1.2-1.5gms of carbs for every kg of bodyweight for anyone who trains consistently every week.

P.S : I strongly recommend to check the vitamin levels before the start of any training cycle and supplement them everyday, if required

3. Warmup/Cool Down – Most of us really dont worry about warm up or cool down but they can make a huge difference in your training. You can read about their importance HERE

4. STRENGTH TRAINING – Strength Training is highly essential especially when someone is training really hard. Most of us ignore ST but strength can play a critical role in optimal performance

My Recovery/Mobility kit

5. Mobility/Recovery – Our body/muscles go through a lot of micro wear & tear during training & hence its is extremely important to spend enough time everyday for mobility work & recovery. My goto option for recovery is the ROLL RECOVERY R8 and I spend 15-20 mins everyday for hip & ankle mobility and it has enhanced my performance .



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  1. Anand Narayan


    Timely reminder of 1-0-1. easy to miss out these things in the daily course.

  2. Saravanan


    Absolutely agree. But on nutrition, balancing becomes a key aspect. Most of the times, our – atleast mine – gets lopsided. How to get the balance going without making it monotonous?

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